About us

The product offered is a result of the vulcanizacion of natural rubber without the use of chemicals in their manufacturing process because it is a result of the adherence of rubber to the feedstock via heat and pressure thereby achieving a flexible , breathable , lightweight shoe obtaining a more comfortable and healthy walking, in addition to providing a highly durable product presenting at its bottom a sole candy

which provides greater resistance to wear and counting within a template with high technical qualities such as resistance deformation , antibacterial and insulation , geting the final result a product of high quality and Environmentally Friendly.


  • Ecological Footwear without polluting or harm the Environment products.
  • Rubber sole Natural, which also give a great lightness to footwear providing excellent elasticity , preventing deformation and in turn achieving a total breathability of the shoe.
  • Bicolor plant, composed by Natural Rubber and Rubber Candy, which gives a high level of resistance against abrasion geting a great durability.
  • Natural air freshener smell of strawberries in the rubber sole, which gives it a nice flavor and prevents the absorption of odors.
  • Natural Materials such as nubuck , buffed , cotton , etc.
  • Insole resistant to deformation , anti -bacterial and breathable, which prevents moisture keeping the foot dry.