Shoecology is a young brand, recently created but with great shoes life. Our brand combines the features of acurrent and youthfull brand, with the experience and talent of its creators.

The founders of the brand, prove a great experience in the footwear sector, because despite their youth, it is more than a decade dedicated to the manufacture of footwear.

This long trajectory and its great interest in the knowledge and the preservation of the environment, made detect the founders of Shoecology, an immediate necessity... Create a ecological shoe. With this step, Shoecology is trying to ensure the continuity of a better world for our descendants, our children, seeking the care of our present to secure their future.

Knowing how ambitious the project was, because for this we had to achieve a sophisticated production system, which combines respect for the environment, with a high quality manufacturing, Shoecology gave with an old production technique that gathered The essential requirements that the brand was looking for, the vulcanization of rubber.

Finally, after a hard work, a lot of research and technical and quality reports, we discovered a revolutionary manufacturing system, respectful of the environment from start to finish.

It is a old production system, currently almost obsolete, usedespecially in the northern part of Spain, requires a specifictype of machinery and is called vulcanization system.

The creators of Shoecology opted for this manufacturing system that combined with the latest technological advances, and the improvements introduced in the production system make it the key point of its success.


Once the manufacturing system was determined, the nextstep was the location of the machine that was adapted tothe production form required by Shoecology, since it was tobe machinery that would allow to launch its ecological production system.

After many search and travel work in search of a machine that meet the characteristics that Shoecology was looking for, finally a set of ideal machines was located to start up the new production system that Shoecology was Developing.

It is a set of old machines, which were with a great deterioration due to the passage of time and disuse. From here, began the work of repair and reconditioning, adding the latest technological advances, getting a tuning of these,as if new machinery was to allow to carry out the difficult task of getting Ecological and environmentally friendly production.

The location of Shoecology, is located in Arnedo, a village innorthern Spain, with great shoe life, and where in ancient times was also used that production system.

First shoe

Designed the ecological manufacturing system and found the machinery needed to put it into operation, the founders manufactured the first shoe Shoecology in January 2016,exact moment where the history of this brand begins.