In Shoecolgogy we have an ecological philosophy, according to the type of footwear we manufacture and the way we produce it.

Our production process is respectful to the environment from beginning to end, we use raw ecological materials, both in the tissues used in our designs, as in the materials used in the sole of our footwear (rubber natural), Using also recycled paper and cardboard for the boxes, without the use of any material harmful to the health,carrying out with these actions a productive process respectfull with the environment.


Our production system is based on the vulcanization system. This model of manufacture at present was practically obsolete, and from Shoecology, we have recovered it and we have added the latest technological advances, since this system of production allows us for its ecological qualities, to carry out our Production of a sustainable footwear,providing of a high final quality.


Shoecology Footwear has as main raw materials the natural tissues and rubber.

The fabrics used by Shoecology, have to meet the requirements marked by our company philosophy, so they must always be natural fabrics, at the same time being the latest developments in the market, which ensures that our footwear in addition to Respect the environment, possess agreat design and quality.

On the other hand we have the rubber, coming from the rubber tree, is of maximum quality. Rubber is the essential part of our footwear, since uniting the quality and attributesof this, to our production process, allows us to manufacture a breathable footwear, in which comfort and flexibility are maxims, essential ingredients for Manufacture quality footwear.

The productive system, reactivated and innovated by thecreators of Shoecology, consists in the Union of the two raw materials, textiles and rubber. This union is carried out thanks to the machinery that we have in our production plant, which after rehabilitating it and adding many improvements allows us to add the tissues to our moulds ata specific temperature, on which we deposit the Rubber sothat by heat and pressure it melts and adheres to the fabric,forming the slipper. .

All this process is carried out without the use of chemical products or adhesives, unique and exclusively with the intervention of the heat and the pressure, obtaining a verylight and flexible footwear, with maximum comfort.